Freecast : A peer-to-peer streaming solution

Freecast is a Java application which allows peer-to-peer audio broadcast. It's a free software developped by the team and contributors.


The FreeCast challenge is using the internet connection of each listener to provide the audio stream to the other listeners. This collaborative approach is helpful to avoid expensive and heavy network infrastructures needed by conventionnal network broadcasting applications.

Freecast can provide a way to a lot of small organizations to diffuse over Internet radio broadcasting, musical events, etc ... without a financial and technical dependency with a web hoster.

The theory didn't limit the listener count of a such network but in the real life, Internet is chaotic ... A FreeCast network needs to modify itself continuously to keep the quality of service. It's an hard technical challenge which should be transparent to the FreeCast users.

The current objective is providing a flux stream to an hundred of listeners with a simple DSL connection as network base. That implies that a large majority of the users also have a DSL connection.

Listener oriented

Internet broacasts are deployed to be listen .. not to lost users into a configuration procedure. Providing a program, a content remains the major objective despite of the technical difficulties. From its creation, FreeCast has been build around a principle: "Click and listen". Provide to the end-user the waited content as simply as possible.

A graphical interface simple and customizable to the network look&feel, an embedded player, no user configuration needed, automatic install and updates, help pages in several langagues, a lot of things are performed to make the end-user ... an listener.




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FreeCast is a free software. You can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation.

Copyright 2004-2020 Alban Peignier

See the GNU General Public License details.