Broadcast with FreeCast

Freecast can be easily deployed to broadcast your own audio or video content.

There are the various solutions to start your own network FreeCast.

FreeCast Manager

FreeCast Manager

The FreeCast Manager provides a click & broadcast solution.

With Java installed, you only need to click to broacast. All the needed components of your FreeCast network are started into the FreeCast Manager.

Key features

  • Installed, updated and started by a single click. The FreeCast network configuration is performed automatically at startup.
  • A graphical GUI allows you to follow the network activity.
  • Listeners can visit the web homepage available in the embedded HTTP server.
  • You can promote your FreeCast network by simply sending by email all needed information. This email can be created directly from the GUI.

For a complete tutorial to start your first FreeCast network with FreeCast Manager, follow the Getting Started section of the FreeCast userguide.

Packaged distribution

For advanced usages, you should use the packaged distribution. It provides you the complete installation to start a stable FreeCast network.

The distributions can be download from You'll find a Windows installer, the tarball binary and source distributions. The debian package is available on the Tryphon Debian archiver.

Take a look on the FreeCast User Guide to configure the tracker and the root node of your network. If you have other questions, contact the FreeCast support team.