Freecast : requirements and installation

Freecast use Java technologies and particulary Java Web Start to works. These is how you can obtain and install Java related software.

Step 1 - Java

Java You can skip this step, Java seems to installed on your computer. Follow this link to download the Java software. Save the file simply on your disk and execute it.

Step 2 - FreeCast

FreeCast To install FreeCast, you only have to click on this link .


  • Java Web Start downloads FreeCast JavaWebStart downloads every necessary file needed by FreeCast.
  • Java Web Start asks you to authorize FreeCast to be executed JavaWebStart asks you to authorize FreeCast to be executed.
  • FreeCast starts And at last, FreeCast is starting.

Congratulations, FreeCast is now usable on your computer.


If you experience problems during the installation, look these following tips or contact the FreeCast support team which will help you with pleasure.


If the automatic selection of your platform seems wrong, use the manual download.

For more information about the Java installation, see the instructions given in the manual download page (for Windows).


If your browser ask you what to do with a jnlp file, choose use "Open it with JavaWebStart". It's possible that Java is not or badly install on your computer. See the first installation step.